Smashed Thumb Greenhouse closed

Closed for Winter

Wow! Thank you to all of our customers for a fabulous Spring. It was one of our best seasons ever! After we take a short summer break, we'll be hard at work preparing for next year. Mixing soil, planting, and growing for 2018. In the meantime, we'd like to wish you all a great off season. We will see you in 2018.

Even though we're closed, we're still available for questions! Give us a call if you need plant or landscaping help.

image of flowers in the greenhouse

Why Our Plants Are Special

At The Smashed Thumb, we grow our plants from seed and nurture them all winter to have them available for area gardeners. We also hand mix our special soil blend that our plants are grown in. Because of the special attention and effort we put into our plants, they have best start we can give them so you can have healthy strong performers all season.

We take special care to provide you with the strongest, healthiest plants locally available. We also love helping you learn how to garden and to pick plants that will do well in this zone and in your yard. We appreciate each and every customer. You make our winter work worthwhile.